About Us

When Kurt Arnlund left the video game industry near then end of 2009, it was not a hard decision what he would be doing next.  For a few years he had been playing with the Mac development in Objective-C and he was loving it.  So he set about learning even more, working on projects for free, building demos, and getting out there to meet the people that he could help.  After building and showing several impressive demos and apps in progress he was hired by Avatar labs to get Rhythm Racer 2 out the door when their temperamental programmer left at the last second.  Next up was Studio PMG where he worked on an app for a luxury automobile manufacturer.  Just two months in, Codefab remembered him when they were looking for developers for Barnes and Nobles Nook Kids reader for the iPad.  This is where Ingenious Arts and Technologies LLC really began.  Kurt left for what was supposed to be a two week adventure, but wound up living in a hotel in NYC for 3 months, and working for B&N for over a year, building an animated book reader with activities.

Kurt Arnlund

The name Ingenious Arts and Technologies was chosen because of a quote from Steve Jobs, where he said that he believes it is the marriage of Technology with Liberal Arts that allows Apple to create the things that make the hearts sing.  We believe this to be fantastically true, and having worked in the video games industry for 16 years, where arts and technology are permanently welded together, we have witnessed this first hand.
Technology and Liberal Arts

Within the first two years Kurt has worked with an amazing array of companies.  He loves to work closely with artists and designers to bring dynamic visions alive.